NEW PODCAST: The Future of Gaming – Cherry Picked by GameByte

Brett and Vicky from the GameByte team are joined by Keith (from PR) to chat all things gaming and, of course, end up amusingly off topic. Find us across socials @GameByte / @GamebyteHQ and get in touch with us at cherrypickedpodcast@gamebyte.com


This week on Cherry Picked by GameByte Brett, Vicky and Keith (from PR) take a metaphorical deep dive into the future of gaming.

Will Nintendo change things up soon or is the Switch here to stay for a while? What have Xbox got planned with all of the publishers they’re purchasing? Will PlayStation try to make another portable and will they be able to remain the dominance they’ve shown with the PlayStation 4?

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All of these questions and more will be mused over by the trio… so go on! Give it a listen




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