New Silent Hill Rumoured To Be PS5 Exclusive, Kojima Not Involved

Rumours of a new Silent Hill game have been circulating for a while now, and known SH leaker and supposed insider, Twitter’s Aesthetic Gamer, has revealed all of their info on the project.

As always with leaks and rumours, take the following with a pinch of salt until we hear definitive word.

Credit: Sony/Konami

Aesthetic Gamer, who’s been correct about a number of video game leaks in the past, recently took to Twitter to update us all on what they know about the unconfirmed SH game. Interestingly, they claim that Hideo Kojima, who was rumoured to be involved in the project, isn’t tied to it at all. However, some original members of Team Silent, the revered devs who created the original SH games, are claimed to be on board.

In a series of tweets, the user says they believe the following info on SH is “100% true”:

“In 2018 Konami shopped around with different studios for two pitches to fund development of a reboot & an episodic Silent Hill game. I knew this from a personal friend & an email from someone seperately [sic]. Neither got the job, but I know this as fact.

Credit: Konami

“In late 2019, a seperate [sic] close friend in Japan informed me a Silent Hill game was being developed in Japan that had started dev at the start of 2019. I started doing some personal investigation from this. A lot of dead ends, but others collaborated this & I did learn about something else which helped later, but promised not to talk about it.”

They then added information which they were unable to verify, writing: “I seperate this part of the story as all of that is stuff I can 100% verify. The rest I believe & have been shown solid evidence, but the following I have evidence to believe, but I can’t verify the details (but it is from someone who would know & I verified their identity).

“So to lay the detaila of this put straight:
-It is developed by Sony Japan Studios & will be PS5 exclusive.
-Toyama is directing,

“Akira Yaomoka is composing, Masahiro Ito is doing art, various Siren/Gravity Rush devs & some others working on it.

“This has nothing to do with Kojima or Silent Hills, that probably is not happening.”

Credit: Konami

The user also claimed that rumours of Sony buying the Silent Hill IP are “bullsh*t,” before adding that the unannounced game won’t be a remake, but a soft reboot of the series.

“[It’s] a soft reboot, made so it can be someone’s first SH game. The game is playable & has a demo that will be shown around after reveal. The details of this are not murky, there should be no miscommunication.”

Again, whether there’s any truth to these claims remains unclear. Only time will tell if a new Silent Hill really is in the works.

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Featured Image Credit: Konami