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New Silent Hill Shattered Memories Game Is Currently Being Pitched

A new Silent Hill Shattered Memories game is currently being pitched by developer Sam Barlow. Barlow, the writer and designer behind Shattered Memories (and whose name you might recognise from games like Her Story), recently confirmed that the game is trying to get off the ground, but that Konami won’t be involved.

Credit: Konami

Fans have been clamouring for a new Silent Hill game for a long time now, and Barlow’s statement has set the fandom ablaze with hope – even if it did come very out of the blue!

Barlow tweeted: “[That feeling when] an interviewer asks what you’d do to make a Shattered Memories follow-up today but you can’t tell them because you’re currently pitching that thing.”


Barlow then continued to confirm that the planned Shattered Memories follow-up isn’t the next game in the pipeline, but is instead the “next next” game.

“NB: this is *not* @halfmermaid Project [redacted],” tweeted Barlow. “(also spooky and awesome) it’s the next next game. Forcing your entire network of friends and acquaintances to wishlist P[redcated] a (free!) downpayment on the SHSM successor, also known as Project Door Peek™”

After the news was picked up by DualShockers, Barlow hopped back onto social media to clarify a few details, confirming that the project won’t have Konami involved.


“To clarify: this isn’t for Konami,” tweeted Barlow. “The impetus comes from (a) people asking me for it* 🙂 & (b) the market has hit a point where these kinds of games actually make sense, looking at what Remedy did with Control & Kojima with Death Stranding, the emergence of the Triple-I game.

“*Especially in South & Central America. Konami always told us that this was a big market for horror games and they were not wrong! I need to learn Brazilian Portuguese & Latin American Spanish.”

Although the game is still in its pitching stages, let’s hope this one will get off the ground!

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Featured Image Credit: Konami