New Skyrim Mod Plays The Game On Its Own, Without Your Help

If you’ve ever tried to get into the legendary Skyrim but haven’t quite managed, then boy do we have the mod for you!

One modder/Skyrim fan has created a mod that will play through the entirety of the Bethesda behemoth – without you needing to take part. Because why not?

Credit: Bethesda

Created by NexusMod‘s PhysicsFish, SkyTrek will give you a “hands-off experience” if you’re more of a laid-back gamer (or a non-gamer, I guess).

SkyTrek‘s description reads: “SkyTrek is a mod that allows you to have a more hands-off experience so that you can enjoy the aesthetic of your game, or immersively have your character behave in an organic way while you eat lunch.

“It is made primarily for roleplayers, screenarchers and anyone that records gameplay.

Credit: Bethesda

“SkyTrek allows the player character to travel on foot, horse or dragon to either a set or radiant destination of their choice…There is also an automated combat system for use while traveling with optional shouting and class system.”

Check it out in action below, courtesy of YouTuber Nirvana Paradox.

Offering a frank and honest review of the mod, Nirvana Paradox writes: “Look ma, no hands! 😀 SkyTrek is awesome! As the player moves automatically, they never fight (via toggled auto combat) unless attacked first, and their reaction time – at least in this version of SkyTrek – isn’t perfect, as well as they may also continue to attack the same target shortly after its death.

“Their navigation also isn’t perfect in this version, as they may get stuck behind objects, and how walking up and down steep hills often results in inaction.”

SkyTrek joins the wonderful and weird world of Skyrim mods, and it might be one of the weirdest out there…

Credit: Bethesda

Download what could be one of the craziest Skyrim mods of all time right here.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda

Source: UNILAD