League Of Legends Is Banning Players Who Spoil Avengers Endgame

Some people really like to get their jollies by ruining nice things for everyone else, but there’s at least one place on the internet that you might find to be spoiler-free, at least for Avengers Endgame, and it’s good news for League of Legends players.

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Over on Reddit [via TheGamer], a LoL player has shared their experience of getting a three day ban from the game for talking about the latest Marvel movie.

The post caught the eye of one of Riot Games’ spokespeople, who responded saying: “I know you’re excited to discuss the latest Avengers movie with others but spoiling it for players who may not have seen it isn’t cool,

“At this time, your account has received a three-day suspension due to disruptive behavior.”

You hear that? Even Riot Games wants you to Stop Spoiling The Endgame!

Credit: Riot Games

The final instalment in the series opened in movie theatres last week, and social media was ablaze with spoilers and the p*ssed off people who accidentally saw them.

Those who got spoiled by social media before seeing Avengers Endgame got seriously, seriously mad about it, with one person reportedly even attacking a man for leaving the movie theatre and very loudly discussing the main plot points.

According to reports from Asia One and TVBS (via The River), the incident took place in Hong Kong, after a man was overheard spoiling the movie for those who were waiting in line.

A fight ensued, which left the spoiler-giver with a bloody face. Yikes.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Social media continues to be flooded with sad stories of people who had the movie spoiled for them, with one Twitter user raging: “bro i’m about to watch endgame and this little boy was standing in front of everyone in line and literally spoiled the movie for EVERYONE as each person came in wtf f*ck them kids.”

Did you get spoiled before seeing Avengers Endgame?

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