New Star Wars Game Rumoured To Be Revealed This Week

It’s looking like a reveal of EA Motive’s Star Wars game could be right around the corner if new rumours are to be believed. Star Wars: Project Maverick, a working title for the project, is apparently on the cusp of a reveal, and it could be coming as soon as Thursday, June 4th.

Credit: EA/Disney

As reported by GamesRadar, gaming insiders like Jeffrey Grub and Jason Schreier have been hinting at a big reveal. (You can have a gander right here, thanks to this Reddit thread).

Former Kotaku top dog Jason Schreier has never shied away from a juicy leak or two, and this time he’s claiming that the EA Motive team is prepping to announce a new game. When pressed for details, he went on to admit it’s a Star Wars project, suggesting this will be the unveiling of Star Wars: Project Maverick.

Grub responded to the tweet with a GIF of Maverick from the Top Gun movies, which is a little on-the-nose if you ask me…

Kotaku has previously suggested that the game won’t be a massive experience like Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was. Expect a smaller scale, but hopefully just as good a game.

We first heard about Project Maverick back in March, when it was seemingly leaked on the PlayStation Store. Though the image and title were pulled soon after, the internet never forgets. The question is – when is the reveal?

Later this week we’ll see some much-welcome news on the upcoming PlayStation 5, along with some of the games we can expect to be playing on the new platform. Sony has confirmed that Thursday, June 4 at 1:00pm Pacific time will be a look at “the future of gaming on PlayStation 5.”

Could this be when we’ll get the official reveal of Star Wars: Project Maverick?

Featured Image Credit: EA Motive