New Star Wars: Hunters Trailer Features Two Jawas In A Trench Coat

It looks as if Star Wars: Hunters is going to finally answer the age-old question. Who would win in a fight – a Wookie or two Jawas stacked on top of each other?

The arena fighting game allows you to battle it out with a host of characters from across the Star Wars universe. You can design your teams, pick your character and customise them to find your most deadly combination.

Credit: Lucasfilm Games/Zynga

“Join the greatest Hunters from the Star Wars™ galaxy on the planet of Vespaara where Hunters from across the galaxy compete in The Arena. Engage in thrilling third person combat to dominate grand arenas set in a range of maps that evoke iconic Star Wars worlds.”

The cinematic new trailer showcases a few of the ‘Hunters’ in the game:

YouTube video

Choose your hunter

Yes, you may be intrigued by the Sith character with the face tattoos or ‘J3DI’ (a ‘One-of-a-kind droid programmed to believe that the Force is with him‘). Possibly you’ll be tempted to play as the Mandalorian, Aran Tal? Perhaps Zaina, a veteran of the Rebel Alliance is more your style? I have to say I’m tempted by ‘Utooni’ – a pair of Jawas who fight standing one on top of the other. Apparently they are ‘scrappers with an arsenal of hidden firepower‘ according to the official Star Wars: Hunters website.

The game sounds fun and dynamic, and the host of characters has clearly taken a bit of a lead from the hit Star Wars series, The Madalorian.  Star Wars: Hunters will be available to play on Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android.

What do you think of Star Wars: Hunters? Which Hunter are you going to pick? Let us know on our social media channels.


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Featured Image Credit: Zynga/Lucasfilm Games