Ambitious Modder Recreates Super Mario 64 In Minecraft

A new mod that allows you to play Super Mario 64 in Minecraft is in development – and it looks incredibly fun!

The way that the modder has implemented Mario’s movement is impressive. The twist as he jumps and the way he swims are excellent touches to the mod. Soundbites directly from Super Mario 64 give it a fun, authentic feel. Twitter user Dylan shared his work-in-progress here:

Minecraft mod hall of fame

Minecraft makes a perfect game for building mods – and there are all sorts of weird and wonderful mods out there. We’ve previously wrote about some of our favourites Minecraft mods. I especially like Pam’s HarvestCraft, which adds tons of new crops to harvest. I’m pro any mod that adds extra farmcore elements to my games.

zelda minecraft
Credit: PlanetMinecraft/pickledscones

This won’t be the first time a classic Nintendo game has been modded into Minecraft – we wrote about one which recreates The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time last November. Minecraft modders seem to love a pop culture mash-up, we’ve written pieces before about mods to add Baby Yoda, the opening to Skyrim and even Bob Ross paintings to the game. Minecraft’s simplicity seems to encourage endless creative additions.

Dylan’s mod won’t even be the first time Nintendo’s Super Mario has been inserted into the game. We wrote about how players have recreated the Super Nintendo World theme park in the game.

Sadly, as Dylan made clear in a follow-up post, because of the way Nintendo deals with fan projects, a download for the mod won’t be available any time soon. But we got a lot of vicarious fun watching little Super Mario kicking sheep and yelling ‘wahoo’ around Minecraft anyway.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo