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New World Players Are Killing Their Characters Instead Of Fast Travelling

Players in Amazon Games’ new MMO, New World, have discovered a hack to avoid using fast travelling: they are killing their characters [via GamingBible].

In New World, players must ‘conquer’ the land they arrive in, heading out from the relative safety of their settlements into the wild. It’s a lush and beautiful environment to wander through, but players have discovered that travelling through it has some built-in issues.

new world
Credit: Amazon Games

The Aeternum island is huge. New World players quickly discovered a hitch in moving around the virtual world – the fast travel system in the game costs coin. Additionally, if you have a lot of loot from your quest, you cannot fast travel without dropping some. Since using the fast travel means dipping into your Azoth (the in-game currency) it deters players from using it, choosing instead to grind through the kilometres. Slogging through the countryside takes its toll on your equipment, but you need Azoth to repair and upgrade it. It’s a painful trade-off.


The game requires players to return to settlements regularly to complete quests, and the constant back and forth can become a grind. Some players have found a dark workaround, they’re doing in their characters so they respawn back in the nearest settlement. Killing their characters is less costly than fast travelling.

Credit: Amazon Game Studios

This little hack saves trudging over the same ground over and over, and also saves on Azoth. As reported by GamingBible, this method of travel does appear to degrade your equipment – so watch out for that!

Have you tried killing your characters in New World rather than quick travelling? Is it worth it? Let us know via our social media channels.



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Featured Image Credit: Amazon Games