Xbox Game Pass Finally Turns Marvel’s Avengers Into A Hit

Xbox Game Pass has finally turned Marvel’s Avengers into a massive hit. So, does this argue a case for PlayStation Plus? Maybe so.

At the end of September, Marvel’s Avengers joined the Xbox Game Pass library in celebration of the game’s first anniversary.

It wasn’t looking good for Marvel’s Avengers

Despite having a heavy marketing campaign, player numbers for Marvel’s Avengers quickly dwindled following launch. It was reported that the game suffered a 96% drop in player numbers. The game also suffered other post-launch issues, such as struggling to recoup development costs and even a glitch that exposed players’ IP addresses.

Marvel's Avengers Press
Credit: Square Enix

However, it seems that the arrival on Xbox Game Pass might have helped to turn the fortunes of Marvel’s Avengers. As shared by video games analyst Benji-Sales, it has been revealed that Marvel’s Avengers is one of the most popular and most played games on the subscription service.

Should Marvel’s Avengers join PS+?

It certainly is a positive turnaround for the superhero game. It also raises the question, is there a case to be made for Marvel’s Avengers to be included as a PS+ game? Going by the success of Xbox Game Pass, it would most certainly help boost player numbers for the PlayStation brand. If only it had cross-play!

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix/Crystal Dynamics