Next Final Fantasy Game Gets Weird Trailer With Frank Sinatra

The final Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin trailer is out, with a little bit of Frank Sinatra, and a dash of chaos.

We know that Stranger of Paradise is probably going to be a bit of a weird game. That first trailer certainly set the tone for what we can expect. And now the ‘final’ trailer for Stranger of Paradise continues that trend, this time adding some Frank Sinatra to the mix. The game is set to be an origin story of sorts for the first Final Fantasy, and this last trailer seems to continue setting that up. We see the last of the four fiends found in the original game, Lich, Marilith, and Kraken. And the trailer shows protagonist Jack Garland at… his own wedding? Maybe?

YouTube video

At the very least it shows him in what looks like a wedding suit with his bride. But he is very literally holding his phone, so he must not have been that invested.

The trailer shows off some gameplay too, though Square Enix has also released a separate trailer showing gameplay in more detail. And in perfect Stranger of Paradise strangeness, the latter half of the trailer is set to Frank Sinatra’s My Way. The worst part? It genuinely makes the game seem like it will be an emotional ride. 

Stranger of Paradise isn’t out until March 28, but this final trailer certainly sets the scene for what we can expect.

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Featured Image Credit: Square Enix