So many bans!

Niantic Is Banning Innocent Pokemon Go Players, Again

Niantic anti-cheat software is banning innocent Pokemon Go players, and not for the first time. Resulting in many disgruntled trainers.

Like many games of today, Niantic has implemented anti-cheat software in Pokemon Go. Its purpose is exactly what the name suggests, to prevent cheaters from ruining the game.

However, this anti-cheat software doesn’t always go according to plan. Since its introduction, posts on social media can be found from disgruntled players, and for good reason. Players are reporting that they are being banned from the game “for no reason.


There seems to be no pattern to the bans

As reported by TheGamer, unfortunately, it seems that the Pokemon Go anti-cheat software has been running rampant once more, and innocent players are being caught in the crossfire.

pokemon go legendary
Credit: Niantic

A Reddit post is full of players being banned from Pokemon Go, and there seems to be no particular pattern. Some players are reporting being banned after installing an update, while some players are being banned despite not installing an update. One player even reported being banned for using a Remote Raid Pass.

Following the reports of innocent players being banned, developer Niantic posted a statement on Twitter in the hope of addressing concerns.


We’re working on reverting strikes for some Trainers who incorrectly received punishments on their accounts.” Reads the tweet.

This will be done for Trainers automatically, whether or not they have contacted us. We apologize for the error.

The community is not happy

The response has not been overly positive, with more reports of unwarranted bans.


As a daily Pokemon Go player, I really feel for the players getting banned for no good reason. Pokemon Go is a very socially active game and requires a lot of invested time to level up and to catch your favourite Pokemon. I just hope that Niantic fixes this problem ASAP and players can fully retrieve their accounts.

Have you been banned from Pokemon Go? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Niantic