Ninja Drops Into Streams To Donate To Those Affected By Mixer Shut Down

Ninja might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but over the last few hours the pro streamer has been helping to bring a smile (and some tears) to the faces of those affected by the shut down of Mixer.

In case you missed it, Microsoft announced that from July¬†22, Mixer would not longer be in service, with its various apps and sites leading to you Facebook Gaming from that date. Though it was noted that Mixer’s top streamers, Shroud and Ninja, would be free to migrate back to Twitch or head on over to Facebook Gaming, the rest of the streaming community was left stunned.

Hundreds of streamers took to their platforms to express their sadness and frustration at the news, with many not knowing where to go with their content. Mixer is home to many content creators who don’t enjoy using Twitch or Facebook, and the shut down has left them with uncertainty ahead.

In light of the news, Ninja and his wife Jessica Blevins, devoted a good amount of time to dropping into the streams of Mixer creators – with cash donations to hand.

Just two of the lucky recipients included Mixer partner, VinnyB. In the wholesome AF video below, you can see Vinny break down after receiving two donations from Ninja. (VinnyB has now decided to move back to Twitch, you can find him here).

Another streamer who received a cash injection from the Blevins duo was s0apy. Sharing her emotional reaction, she tweeted: “I put in 40-60h a week into streaming, while studying and working part-time and I just found out most of it is just wiped out, I’m devestated [sic].

“Thanks for making so many smile anyway today @JessicaBlevins .You & your husband are some of the most generous, genuine people.”

(s0apy hasn’t declared which platform she’ll be moving to when Mixer closes. You can find her on YouTube here, or Twitch here).

It’s not known how many streamers and content creators have been affected by Mixer’s closing, but it’s definitely an interesting move from Microsoft and Facebook Gaming.

Hopefully those affected will find a new streaming home!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Ninja. Twitch/mrvinnyb