Nintendo Gets Crowned The Most Reliable Of All Gaming Companies

Forbes Japan has just released its list of Most Reliable Companies and – surprisingly for some – Nintendo is pretty high up on the list.

The website confirms that Nintendo takes the top spot for most reliable Japanese company, though it shows up at number 11 on the global list.

It’s important to note that it’s the first games company to appear on the Forbes list, meaning it’s a brand that users find more trustworthy than Sony or Microsoft. How interesting!

The list reads as follows (translated):

“1st place: Walt Disney / Media / USA
“2nd place: Hilton / hotel · restaurant · entertainment facilities /
“3rd place: Ferrari / durable consumer goods / Italy
“4th: Visa / Business Services /
“5th place: PayPal / Business Services / USA
“6th: Netflix / communication · Retail / US
“7th: Siemens / Conglomerate / Germany
“8th: Amazon / Retail / USA
“9th: Marriott International / Hotel · Restaurant · Amusement Facility /
“10th place: Master Card / Business Services / USA…

“Nintendo, the 11th…ranked the highest in Japanese companies. Toyota entered the 12th place that follows. ”

The placements relate to customer experience and satisfaction, so it’s not down to the money behind these companies but how they’re perceived by their users.

Placing 11th shows that Nintendo is still a company held in extremely high regard by its fans – despite its past controversies.

Nintendo has faced some criticism recently for its unveiling of its upcoming Nintendo Switch Online services.

Nintendo Switch users will soon have to pay for a subscription to use its online services for games like Mario Kart.

Although the service will include cloud data storage, not all games are compatible, and if you let your subscription lapse then your cloud save data will be deleted.

That being said, the Nintendo Switch Online services are going to be a heck of a lot cheaper than the likes of Sony or Microsoft.

12 months of Nintendo Online will set you back £17.99 for an individual membership or three months will cost £6.99. 

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Unlike PS Plus you won’t get monthly freebies, but you will get access to a bunch of online NES games and – of course – you’ll be able to play some of your favourite Nintendo games online.

How much do you trust Nintendo?