Nintendo Has No Plans For A Tears of the Kingdom DLC

In a recent interview, Nintendo revealed they have no plans for any Tears of the Kingdom DLCs but are working on a brand new Zelda game.

Since its release in May, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has swiftly become one of the highest rated games of all time.

As the sequel to Breath of the Wild, the latest Zelda instalment continued the story of Link on his adventures across Hyrule.

Now it appears as though that story in particular will end there according to producer Eiji Aonuma and game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi. 

No More Content For Tears of the Kingdom

This news comes courtesy of an interview over on Famitsu where talk soon turned to the future of the franchise. Aonuma said there are no plans for any DLCs due to the development team adding everything they wanted to the base game already. 

Credit: Nintendo

Instead the team is working on a “new experience” entirely.

“At this time, we are not planning to release additional content,” Aonuma said. “We feel like we have already fully explored and exhausted the gameplay possibilities in this world. Initially, the reason we decided to develop a sequel was because we believed there was still value in experiencing new gameplay within that particular Hyrule.

If in the future we find a compelling reason, we may revisit that world once again. Whether it’s another sequel or an entirely new title, I believe the next game will offer a completely new experience. I hope you’ll look forward to it.”

This is a step in a different direction considering Breath of the Wild included extra content post-launch including The Master Trials and The Champions Ballad game modes. 

The Future of Zelda

It seems fans can expect a lot more from Zelda’s story but it won’t be in the form of extra Tears of the Kingdom content. With Nintendo keeping their cards close to their chest, it remains to be seen what’s next. 

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