Starfield Is Officially Bethesda’s Biggest Launch Of All Time

Over a week since it first launched in early access, Starfield has officially become Bethesda’s biggest launch of all time. 

Released on September 1 to early access and launching fully on September 6, Bethesda has confirmed the sci-fi action RPG is now their biggest launch of all time, beating their previous titles Skyrim and Fallout 4. 

Starfield Is Bethesda’s Biggest Launch

This news comes courtesy of a Tweet made by the official Starfield Twitter account on September 7. 

By reaching over six million players across Xbox and PC in just a week, it has fast become an instant success for Bethesda. 

As well as amassing pre-orders, the game also went live on day one for Xbox Game Pass subscribers which would have certainly contributed to its reach. 

Hitting Those Numbers

As well as a successful launch, Eurogamer recently reported that Starfield has reached over one million concurrent players, as confirmed by Xbox boss Phil Spencer. This data was taken from Steam statistics. 

Additionally, around 250,000 players have been diving into the sci-fi title at its daily concurrent user peak and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Credit: Bethesda

The growing success could be attributed to Starfield being “a comet game launch”, according to Xbox chief marketing officer Jerret West. 

“Games like Starfield only come along every couple of years, where it catches the attention of not just the gaming industry but it starts to expand into broader consumers and consumer conversations,” he said in an interview with last month.

At the time of writing this article, Bethesda’s latest release has gained a ‘very positive’ rating on Steam with over 27,000 reviews. However, it sits at a just above average rating of a 6.1 user score on Metacritic.

Despite this, it is no secret that Starfield is one of the biggest releases of the year and of all time for Bethesda. 

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