Nintendo Might ‘Already Be Working On A New Switch Lite’

It seems as though Nintendo might already be working on a new version of the Nintendo Switch Lite, despite the handheld console launching just a month ago.

Digital Trends has spied something very interesting by way of some documents filed by Nintendo with the Federal Communications Commission, suggesting a new version of the Switch Lite is coming.

Credit: Nintendo

The FCC documents show Nintendo’s use of an identification number that’s nearly identical to the one used for the Switch Lite. Where the Switch Lite used “BKEHDH001,” the new filings from Nintendo read “BKEHDH002,” indicating a version two of the previous model.

Of course, this is all speculation for now, but it makes sense considering some of the backlash the Switch Lite has received so far.

Credit: Instagram/Nintendo

The recently-launched Nintendo Switch Lite has gotten mixed reviews thanks to it seemingly using the same Joy-Con design as the regular Switch – meaning drifting Joy-Cons could be a problem. If this is the case, it’s going to be a much harder fix than replacing just the Joy-Cons, as the Switch Lite doesn’t use detachables and instead has them fixed to the screen.

It’s definitely a strange move to release an updated console so quickly after the first, and if this is really what’s happening then Nintendo might have some very angry new Switch Lite owners on its hands…

Credit: Instagram/nintendoswitcheurope

As always, take this rumour with a grain of salt until we hear otherwise from Nintendo.

Would you like to see a new version of the Switch Lite, or is this a mistake waiting to happen?

Speaking of the Nintendo Switch, Mario fans will be glad to know that multiplayer is finally live in Super Mario Maker 2!

Sharing the news on Twitter, Nintendo writes: “Call your friends! The Version 1.1.0 update of #SuperMarioMaker2 is available now! It adds online co-op & versus multiplayer with people on your #NintendoSwitch friends list. You can also choose courses to play from your locally saved list in Coursebot.”

Thanks, Nintendo!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Nintendo