Nintendo Is Working To Combat Video Game Addiction

Nintendo is often at the forefront of innovation in gaming, and the company has worked to put several “fixes” in place to ensure that concerns over children playing video games aren’t an issue with the Nintendo Switch.

Over the past few months there’s been a lot of worry over video game addiction, something which is now recognised by the World Health Organisation, but if you’re a Switch gamer then it definitely could be less of a concern.

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Nintendo recently addressed the issue of video game addiction in its financial briefing [via NintendoLife], where company President Shuntaro Furukawa stated: “I think the problem of game addiction is more about becoming overly dependent on video games than is about any issues with the games themselves.

“One thing we have done as a company that creates games is to implement features that allow parents to limit the time that their children can play games. I think that further implementing features like this, and raising awareness among more people that these features exist is one way we can face this issue.”

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Furukawa is likely referencing the often-forgotten Switch parental controls. Unlike your typical parental controls, the Switch allows parents to use their smartphones as a means of tracking play time, set limits and restrictions, and even supervise play.

It’s an excellent thing to take advantage of if you’re working about children and gaming, especially when you consider the majority of Nintendo’s IPs are often thought to be child-friendly.

If you’ve forgotten about these features, check out the trailer below, and if you want to be able to access the parental control features, download the official Nintendo app here.

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Although video game addiction is something that’s commonly associated with the huge number of young players who spend their hours on Fortnite, it’s hopefully something that everyone in the industry will soon take precautions for.

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