Nintendo set to host Indie World Showcase tomorrow

Today Nintendo announced that they will be hosting an Indie World event which airs tomorrow. Let’s take a guess at what we can expect.

Nintendo has announced their Indie World Showcase which will air April 19 2023. It will go live at 5PM BST, 6PM CEST, 9AM PT and 12PM ET. It is set to deliver “roughly 20 minutes of reveals, announcements and updates for Indie games for Nintendo Switch.”

What can we expect?

In typical Nintendo fashion, they have not revealed what games they will actually be showing at this showcase. As usual, that falls to fans to speculate what it could feature. Additionally, with players getting their hopes dashed in the past, it’s best to keep your expectations low.

However, some fans are hoping (and praying) that this will be the event that finally offers up a release date for Hollow Knight: Silksong. The much-anticipated sequel to Hollow Knight has been long awaited to the point that fans are slathering on the clown makeup every time Nintendo makes an announcement.

Promotional art for Hollow Knight: Silksong which fans are hoping to see at the Nintendo Indie World Showcase
Credit: Nintendo Life

Previous Indie World Showcases

Previous Indie World Showcases from Nintendo have featured indie games that have not had a lot of hype surrounding them. This could be bad news for the aforementioned Hollow Knight fans, but it will be exciting to get some new titles nonetheless. 

For example, the November 2022 showcase announced the Rogue Legacy 2 launch much to viewer’s surprise. Looking at Nintendo’s track record, they like to aim for the shock factor so it could be the same for the 2023 edition.

Additionally in The Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that aired last June, it was promised that any games shown would release within the year. This is again good news for Hollow Knight: Silksong fans as this event did show the sequel. 

If this is the case, Team Cherry has until June 2023 to announce it! Not all doom and gloom right?

Make sure to head over to the Youtube channel when it airs tomorrow!

Until tomorrow there can only be speculation but what are you hoping to see announced? Let us know across our social media platforms.