It's now been put right...sort of?

Nintendo Under Fire For Blocking Charity Joy-Cons For Etika

Nintendo has reportedly issued cease and desist orders against a range of custom painted Joy-Con shells created in honour of Etika, which aimed to raise money for a mental health charity.

In 2019 popular YouTuber Desmond “Etika” Amofah sadly took his own life, and as a result, a mental health charity campaign was launched to raise money for the JED Foundation.

In an attempt to do a good thing, content creator Captain Alex created custom ‘Etikon’ Joy-Con controller shells to sell on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo, raising an impressive $10k for the charity.

Sadly however, Captain Alex revealed that Nintendo had sent a cease and desist letter in September, ordering the creator to stop selling the “Etikon” shells [via VGC].

Then in response to the cease and desist made against the production of the charity Joy-Con shells, JoyConBoyz made a video speaking out against Nintendo which soon received a copyright strike from the Japanese giant.

However Captain Alex revealed that Nintendo was not targeting the sale of the Etikons, but rather the issue was with the Joy-Con name and logo being on the custom shells.

Nintendo didn’t shut down my business completely, they just had me remove some designs and I’m modifying most of them,” Alex wrote. “Controller modification isn’t the issue, use of copyright is.

Why is that? Well Nintendo listed a few trademarks they felt I infringed on. One was for the word Joy-cons and the other was for the Nintendo Switch logo,” explained Captain Alex in a tweet.

Thankfully however, Captain Alex did announce that he will be launching the newly revised Etika Joy-Cons simply called Etikons on IndieGoGo.

All references to Joycons and the switch logo will be removed from the design will be replaced with “We Dem Boyz “ or”FRFX “ Profits still donated to charity.” said Captain Alex.

So hopefully with the launch of the revised Etikons no further cease and desists will be issued and loads of money can still be raised for the charity. We wish you the best of luck, Captain Alex!

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Featured Image Credit: Reddit/YouTube:Etika