No Man’s Sky Dev Brings Back Classic Game Thanks To Lovely Fan Email

Hello Games, developer of No Man’s Sky, has just relaunched its stunt race game Joe Danger on iOS with updated visuals and more.

Back in 2017, Apple released an iOS update which meant 32-bit apps would no longer work on the devices. That meant that Joe Danger was no longer playable for a long while. But Hello Games has quietly been working on getting it up and running again. The updated version of Joe Danger has improved visuals, a higher frame rate, and ProMotion and Gamepad support.

Credit: Hello Games

“It’s been a hobby project bringing Joe Danger back to life. Slowly rebuilding it piece by piece through eight years of technology changes,” wrote game director Sean Murray on Twitter. “A secret shame of ours is that the success of No Man’s Sky left our first game Joe Danger unloved.”

As it turns out, the main reason behind updating Joe Danger was because of an email received from a fan of the game. Or more specifically, two fans.

The unnamed sender of the email was the father of an autistic child, who loved Joe Danger. The child apparently loved the game so much he had a collection of toy motorcycles that were his “Joe Dangers.” And it helped him deal with overwhelming situations, like being in a crowded room. So it was understandably stressful when the game wasn’t playable any more.

The father took to contacting Hello Games to ask if it could potentially bring the game back. And so it did, and improved upon it too. This is one of those stories that shows how great games can be as coping mechanisms. And a reminder that even a game just about being a stunt driver can be incredibly important to someone.

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Featured Image: Hello Games