No Man’s Sky Fans Bought A Billboard To Thank Hello Games

It’s been a rocky road for Hello Games and No Man’s Sky. The 2016 game had a huge amount of hype and expectation waiting for it, but at the time it unfortunately failed to deliver.

However, last year Hello Games announced that it was still hard at work on No Man’s Sky, and promised to deliver the experience we all wanted.

Credit: Hello Games

Thankfully, it’s 2019 and No Man’s Sky is a gorgeous and exciting world to explore. It’s now received thousands of positive reviews and has officially done a 180 on everything it was at launch.

Players of the game have been incredibly grateful to Hello Games and the company’s hard work and dedication to making the game the best it could be, when many other companies might not have stuck around to deliver on the promise.

Credit: Hello Games

As a means of saying thank you to Hello Games and its staff, No Man’s Sky players have banded together to purchase a billboard just opposite the studio.

The board simply reads “Thank you Hello Games,” and comes from an  r/NoMansSkyTheGame thread which raised $1750 USD to buy the billboard.

Credit: Hello Games

Hello Games founder and studio head Sean Murray tweeted his appreciation of the gesture, sharing a photo with the caption: “Our community has bought the billboard outside our office to say Thank You.

“Oh. My. God.”

This is quite possible one of the nicest gestures of all time, and I’m definitely not crying right now.

On Twitter, people are now weighing in on how they thank game developers.

“I used to send chocolates, cookies, and/or alcohol to a game company near me every time things got rough with a particular game I loved, and they had to go in during a holiday or something,” said one.

“Most of the of people I’ve gamed closely with would want to do the same or similar.”

During a time where the dreaded crunch for developers is never far from the headlines, it’s important to remember the hard work and effort put into the games we play.

Keep the love coming, everyone!

Featured Image Credit: Hello Games