No Man’s Sky: Interceptor update available now

No Man’s Sky has received its latest update this week and will include corrupted planets, new ships, additional content and technical improvements.

First released back in 2016, No Man’s Sky has come a long way since launch. What started off as quite a desolate space exploration game has turned into a content-filled adventure. This shows no signs of stopping with the new update dropping this week – Interceptor.

Screenshot of the new No Man's Sky Interceptor update which releases today
Credit: Xbox

No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update

The new update is bringing a bunch of cool new stuff to the game. Much like its title, the update will introduce Interceptor ships that you can collect and add to your space-exploring collection. Additionally, you can grab the Sentinel Ship as of today.

With the Sentinel Ships come the Sentinel captains which you can battle. Vanquishing them will both remove your wanted level and drop a heap of exciting rewards.

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With a new update comes new enemies and this time you will come across spider-like enemies and their equally creepy children. Exploring the new corrupted planets will bring you face to face with these arachnids. Additionally, these new ruined planets will host a multitude of secrets, including new biomes and ships.

Another addition to the Interceptor update will be the wonder collection. This allows players to curate their own collection by documenting their findings, bookmarking special crates and highlighting any interesting areas.

Technical Improvements

The update also provides some technical improvements to the game. This includes a smoother framerate for Xbox players as well as wrist interface controls and improved visuals for VR users.

The update is free to those who already own the game. It will also be available for PC, VR, PS4 & PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.
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