MultiVersus has been removed from PlayStation Store

As of now, MultiVersus is no longer available to download for new players and has been removed from the PlayStation Store.

This news comes courtesy of a news piece posted on the MultiVersus website. Titled ‘Open Beta Update,’ this post highlights the removal of the Open Beta on June 25. This means players can play online modes until this date before it is taken offline before launch.

Screenshot taken of gameplay from MultiVersus
Credit: Play First Games

MultiVersus Has Been Removed

However, if you are yet to download the game, you will no longer be able to. In good news, the post assures us that it will be worth the wait.

“To do this the right way, we will be closing the MultiVersus Open Beta on June 25, 2023. As part of this process, we’ll be pausing updates and taking the game offline as we prepare for the launch of MultiVersus, which we are targeting for early 2024,” the post states.

“During this downtime, all online modes and features will be unavailable. You will have limited offline access to the training room (known as The Lab) and local matches, along with access to your characters and cosmetic items within these modes.”

This does seem like a nightmare for developers, Play First Games who have to hope fans will stick around from June until the game’s full launch in early 2024. 

Much more content to come

For fans that do stick with MultiVersus, they can expect new content, features and mode when the game returns. Additionally, all progress will be carried over from beta to full launch so you won’t lose anything. 

Most importantly, the end of the beta assures the team will have more time to focus on certain areas of the game. They have highlighted issues with netcode and matchmaking and also aim to rework the progression system. 

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So from June 25 to early 2024, MultiVersus will not receive any updates and will be paused. Hopefully this is the right decision for the team.

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