Nolan North: ‘Bryan Cranston Would Be Great In The Uncharted Movie’

The Uncharted movie is become more the stuff of legend than reality. With years in the making, multiple director changes and no script in sight, it’s looking ever more unlikely that we’ll ever see Nathan Drake on the silver screen.

That being said, the movie does still have Tom Holland attached to play a young Drake, so maybe the project just needs to find its feet..?

Credit: Naughty Dog

During MCM ComicCon Scotland, GameByte spoke exclusively with Nolan North, the actor behind Uncharted’s Nathan Drake, regarding a certain rumour that the iconic Bryan Cranston is being eyed to play potty-mouthed Sullivan.

“Bryan Cranston would be a fantastic Sully. I know, I’ve said this before, I think the direction they want to take is Drake in his 20s. And they’ll take some artistic license, and I love it, because don’t try and mimic what the games did,” Nolan tells me.

Credit: Naughty Dog

“People always, fans especially, say ‘you should play Drake!’ And I’ve played Drake. I’ve done it, been there, done that. And I cannot play Drake in his 20s, I can’t play anybody in his 20s anymore. And I think Tom Holland will knock it out of the park, he’s charming, he has the right look. Add Bryan Cranston to that kind of a cast and it’s bound to be good.”

As for whether or not the movie’s actually going to happen, Nolan seemed doubtful…even before I told him that the project had reportedly lost another director just the day before we met for our interview.

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“The last I heard, I’ve met a few of the directors that’ve come and gone, I’ve been privvy to a couple of the scripts that have come and gone. It’s been talked about since…oh boy, a long long time,” says Nolan.

“It’ll be really interesting to see if they get a script. I really think the December 2020 is never going to happen, ’cause they don’t have a script yet. And it takes a lot longer to shoot and go through post-production than a year. So, especially if they’re gonna do it right.

Credit: GameByte

“But put Bryan Cranston reading the phone book and I’ll buy a ticket.”

Travis Knight, who directed Bumblebee, is now in talks with Sony to direct the Uncharted movie.

You can see Nolan North being interviewed even more about a bunch of other things in our video below!

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