Official Wonder Woman 1984 Xbox Consoles Are Definitely Something

Xbox has revealed three very unique-looking Xbox One consoles created in celebration of the upcoming movie, Wonder Woman 1984.

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The three consoles are inspired by three of the looks worn by Wonder Women in the movie, and include a gold-themed Xbox, one with a lasso, and a furry leopard-print creation.

The “cosmetic-use-only” consoles have been shown off by Microsoft, who is giving away the lasso Xbox One to one lucky competition winner, with the golden one being auctioned off for charity.

Credit: Microsoft

First let’s look at the golden one, which is likely to fetch a high price when it sells due to its very limited availability.

Xbox explains: “Matching the stunning suit of armor worn by Wonder Woman in the film, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind Wonder Woman Golden Armor Xbox One X Console* with 24-carat gold leaves. This console was made entirely by hand features a sophisticated golden eagle crest and 3D printed Wonder Woman 1984 logo resting above it.”

Credit: Microsoft

The gold console will be auctioned off with all proceeds going to Together for Her, an initiative launched by the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project, leading humanitarian organization CARE, and the Entertainment Industry Foundation. More details on the auction are to be announced soon.

Meanwhile, if you like the look of the lasso console, you can win it for yourself simply by sending a tweet. Check out the tweet in question – and the rules – below.

The small print confirms that the Xboxes aren’t actually fit for purpose, and the winner/bidder will receive the special console along with a fully functional new Xbox One. Nice.

As for the furry one, there’s no mention of being able to snag it for yourself. Which a shame because its attention to detail is definitely something.

Credit: Microsoft

Xbox says: “For those who can’t resist an evil villain, you may find yourself interested in the Barbara Minerva Xbox One X Console*. Inspired by the punk rock look of Wonder Woman’s archenemy, this custom console boasts an intricate snakeskin pattern and faux leopard fur for a truly wild appearance. The silver spikes on the top and front of the console and gold ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ logo were 3D printed to exactly match the size of the console.”

Do you have a favourite of the three?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft