OlliOlli World Reveals Soundtrack List At Awards Show

Roll7 revealed the soundtrack for the upcoming OlliOlli World during yesterday’s 39th Golden Joystick Awards.

The Golden Joysticks saw many popular games from this year take home big awards. Resident Evil Village ended up winning Best Audio, PlayStation Game of the Year, and Ultimate Game of the Year. Meanwhile, Deathloop won the Critics Choice Award, an opinion that we here at GameByte certainly agree with where we gave it the website’s first ever 10/10 score.

During the show, publisher Roll7 also announced the soundtrack list for OlliOlli World. You can check out a recording of the Golden Joystick Awards 2021 here.

YouTube video

Music has always been a key component in OlliOlli games as it constitutes an integral part of the flow-state gameplay of the series,” said Roll7’s Simon Bennett, who also announced the Best Audio award. “We are thrilled to share these captivating tunes created by outstanding independent musicians from around the world.

There are 32 tracks in total for OlliOlli World, featuring fiery electronic beats from artists like Adam Swim, Fardust and Midflite. A Spotify playlist featuring some of these tracks can be found here. It includes:

Shimmer by Fardust
Arps by Nikitich
Darling Gardens by Midflite
Panoramas by Woodwire
Avalanche by Fardust, Azureskye
Can’t Sleep by Adam Swim
Leaps and Bounds by Cotton Claw
Not so Much by Nikitich

OlliOlli World launches later this winter on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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Featured Image Credit: Roll7