Operator Is A New Horror Inspired By Slender & Phasmophobia

What do you get when you cross the first-person horror game Slender with the indie horror Phasmophobia? If you answered “sleepless nights”, then you are correct. However, an alternative answer could have been “Operator”, a new co-op creep-fest that embraces its terrifying influences.


If you’ve played Slender: The Eight Pages, then you’ll already be aware of Operator’s premise. However, unlike Slender, Operator isn’t a solo adventure.

While players will still need to explore a menacing woodlands in search of eight pages, they’ll also need to work together as a squad in order to succeed. Here’s a back-of-the-box synopsis, courtesy of Steam:

Credit: Chemical Gaming Studios

Taking inspiration from both Mark J. Hadley’s (Agent Parsec) ‘Slender: The Eight Pages’ and Dknighter’s ‘Phasmophobia,’ Operator combines the psychological horror and thrill of Slender: The Eight Pages with an interactive voice component affected by the game itself. Explore the forest as you collect 8 manuscripts in an effort to slowly piece together the mystery of a disappearance. However, be wearying of an unknown entity lurking in the trees, with it’s mere presence distorting your gaze…

Credit: Chemical Game Studios

It’s worth mentioning that while games like Slender and Phasmophobia aren’t for everyone, adding co-op into the mix changes up the experience.

The game is also extremely cheap, with the coming in at only 79 pence (which is around one dollar). Therefore, if you’re looking for a spooky co-op caper to play with your friends, this one this probably worth a try!

Credit: Chemical Game Studios

For more information on Operator and to add it to your wishlist, visit the game’s Steam page. You can also join the game’s Discord for new content, server status and more.

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Featured Image Credit: Chemical Game Studios