The early 2000s were a simpler time.

Original Call Of Duty Games Have One Surprisingly Obvious Box Mistake

The video games industry puts a lot of money behind their marketing, but that doesn’t mean that obvious mistakes can slip through the net. For some of the earliest Call of Duty games, however, these mistakes have never been more obvious to players than they are now.

It’s been spotted a number of times on sites like Reddit in the past, but once again it seems as though people are just discovering that Call of Duty 1, 2 and 3 all share a glaringly obvious mistake on their covers.

Credit: Activision

Can you see it? No? All of the games feature a hero who’s looking or aiming in entirely the wrong direction. Now, I’m not military expert, but I’m pretty sure you want to be aiming at the enemy and not away from them.

The phenomenon was seemingly first picked up on back in 2013 (check it out here but it’s a little NSFW). It’s not clear why this hilarious oversight never quite became a household meme, though some people believe that the ‘mistake’ is intentional.

On an archived Reddit post about the covers, one user commented: “i believe, that no the person on the box isnt facing the right way. i think the box is implying that there [sic] recruiting you, so you looking at the box would be facing the right way.”

Credit: Activision

Although you could make that argument for two of the covers, the box art for Call of Duty 3 is definitely looking more than a little off.

What do you think about this? Slip-up, design choice, or misunderstanding by the players?

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Credit: Activision

Featured Image Credit: Activision