Our Olympics Games Sale Has Discounts On Mario Kart, FIFA, And More

Beijing’s Winter Olympics have kicked off. The finest athletes all over the world are once again displaying physical feats only capable by the peaks of the human condition. Of course, that means it’s time to celebrate with video game discounts. Until Tuesday 8 February, the GameByte Shop’s Winter Olympics gaming sale is offering 7% off all sports games. All you need to do is use code, OLYMPICS22, at checkout. What’s more, you’ll be entitled to a free Stealth Raptor gaming headset when spending £100.

The biggest deals in the sports game sale include Mario Kart 8 Deluxe for £39.94, and FIFA 22 from £26.92. However, if Nintendo racing isn’t your thing, there’s also F1 2021 on sale for just £31.57. Then, there’s NBA 2K22 on sale from only £24.13.

gaming sale mario kart 8 deluxe
Credit: Nintendo

Furthermore, Madden NFL fans will be pleased too, being able to jump in on the latest in American Football fun, Madden NFL 22, from as little as £31.57. Similarly, for standard Rugby lovers, there’s the appropriately named Rugby 22 from £32.50.

Still yet to play Football Manager 2022? Football management sim fans don’t need to worry, because you can pick it up on PC for only £35.29. Equally, Hockey fans will be sorted as well, with NHL 22 available from only £23.20.

gaming sale fifa 22
Credit: EA

In addition to these gaming deals, your money can go even further with the GameByte Loyalty Scheme. Moreover, with every £1 you spend, you’ll earn loyalty points which can you redeem for epic discounts on future purchases.

All Games on sale

You can find the full list of games on sale and their new prices below, all of which you can buy right here.

Alpaca Ball ‘All-Stars’Nintendo Switch£28.78
Alpaca Ball ‘All-Stars’PS4£18.55
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions – Day One Edition (PS4)PS4£19.48
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions – Day One Edition (Switch)Nintendo Switch£21.34
Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions – Day One Edition (Xbox One)Xbox One£19.48
Cricket 22PS5£36.22
Cricket 22Nintendo Switch£41.80
Cricket 22PS4£41.80
F1 2020 Deluxe Schumacher Edition (PS4)PS4£36.22
F1 2021PS4£31.57
F1 2021PS5£31.57
F1 2021Xbox Series X£31.57
FIFA 21 – NXT LVLXbox Series X£19.48
FIFA 22PS5£39.01
FIFA 22Xbox One£32.50
FIFA 22Xbox Series X£37.15
FIFA 22 Legacy EditionNintendo Switch£26.92
Fitness BoxingNintendo Switch£27.85
Football Manager 2022PC (Physical)£35.29
Madden 21Xbox One£18.55
Madden NFL 21PS5£41.80
Madden NFL 21Xbox Series X£41.80
Madden NFL 22PS4£23.20
Madden NFL 22PS5£31.57
Madden NFL 22Xbox One£23.20
Madden NFL 22Xbox Series X£31.57
Mario Kart 8 DeluxeNintendo Switch£39.94
NBA 2K21PS5£24.13
NBA 2K21Xbox One£46.45
NBA 2K22PS5£30.64
NBA 2K22Xbox One£24.13
NBA 2K22PS4£24.13
NBA 2K22Xbox Series X£30.64
NHL 21Xbox Series X£17.62
NHL 22PS5£31.57
NHL 22Xbox One£23.20
NHL 22Xbox Series X£31.57
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 The Official Video GameNintendo Switch£24.13
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 The Official Video Game (Xbox One)Xbox One£18.55
Rugby 22PS5£38.08
Rugby 22Xbox Series X£32.50
UFC 4Xbox One£21.34

Will you be watching any of the Winter Olympics? Or are you just excited to be playing some great games this weekend? Like Dying Light 2 Stay Human, out now and available from £46.95. So, let us know across our socials, like our Twitter or Discord.