Overwatch 2 developers talk about future plans for the game

During a recent developer hangout on Twitch, Overwatch 2 developers answered some burning questions about the future of the game.

Yesterday saw a bunch of Overwatch 2 developers play their game and answer some questions about what’s next for the multiplayer shooter. Joined by a cast of well-known Overwatch streamers, the developers spoke about possible charity events, new support heroes, PvE and more competitive rewards.

Screenshot of the upcoming Overwatch 2 PvE mode
Credit: Blizzard

Future charity events

It has been a while since Overwatch 2 has hosted a charity event. Most notable perhaps was the Pink Mercy skin that was released a few years back in support of breast cancer awareness. Since then fans have pleaded to have this skin made available again. 

During this stream, executive producer Jared Neuss was asked if Pink Mercy may be making a return. Although he did not confirm this, he did speak about future charity events.

I think one of the things the team is super passionate about is charitable causes. Being able to use our game as a channel for things we care about. Expect to see some news soon.”

Overwatch 2 Support Heroes

Attention soon turned to what we can expect from upcoming heroes. As we already know, a new support character should be arriving as soon as next month. Although Neuss did not reveal too much information about them, he did confirm that the next two support heroes were “cute”. 

Although that information is quite ambiguous, it has confirmed that the next two heroes will be support… and cute. 

PvE News

With Overwatch 2 PvE mode lurking somewhere on the horizon, it’s no surprise that Overwatch streamer, Seagull wanted more information. Although we did not receive a release time, Neuss did have something to say about the much-anticipated mode.

What I will say is, we are currently planning the time we’re going to talk about it. Which will be soon… Not Blizzard ‘soon’ but Jared ‘soon.’ Which is a different thing.”

If we are to assume that ‘Jared soon’ is quicker than ‘Blizzard soon’, we may be receiving some news fairly soon. 

Better rewards for competitive 

Up until now, earning 3000 competitive points in Overwatch 2 will make you able to unlock gold weapons for your hero of choice. However, with most players owning the majority of these weapons, talk turned to any future additional rewards.

“I think we all know there’s a lot more we could do there,” said Neuss. “So yeah, we’re interested in making rewards a little more compelling.”

So here you go, some new information that we received courtesy of this hangout.

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