Redfall story trailer is released including combat sneak peek

A new story trailer was recently released for the upcoming vampire FPS, Redfall. The trailer hints at some of the narrative surrounding the vampire slaying.

Arkane Austin and Bethesda recently released a new story trailer for their much-anticipated title, Redfall. This vampire-slaying FPS is set for release on May 2 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. 

Redfall Story Trailer

Although we have seen some sneak peeks of Redfall’s gameplay, this new trailer adds some additional background to the game. The trailer opens with the story behind the vampires we will encounter in the town of Redfall. With a world designed to be explored by 2-4 people, it looks to be filled with vampires of all shapes and sizes.

We also learn that this outbreak was a result of the immortality-obsessed corporation known as Aevum. The scientists working there may have been responsible for all hell breaking loose and shockingly, they kept it all a secret. As a result, the sun over Redfall has been permanently eclipsed and residents are going missing.

Combat sneak peek

The second half of the trailer shows us some of the combat we can expect from Redfall. We see each of the game’s four specialists who can wield unique weapons and abilities. We see a crow being used to gain the upper hand against a vampire as well as a wide range of weapons. 

Finally we get to see some of the vampire gods (or bosses we can assume) that we have to go up against. We can assume these have immense powers that we as a team have to work together to kill. 

Screenshot of one of the vampire enemies you will meet in Redfall
Credit: Bethesda

Final thoughts

As mentioned, Redfall will be available for PC and Xbox Series X/S. However, Bethesda have confirmed that players will require an online connection even for single-player. You can find out more about that here.

Additionally, Redfall will not be coming to PlayStation 5 anytime soon. This comes as a result of Bethesda now being owned by Microsoft. We discussed this more earlier this month.

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