Overwatch’s Pink Mercy Skin Raises Millions For Cancer Research

Overwatch players have raised an incredible $12.7 million (£9.5 million) for breast cancer research after buying the Pink Mercy skin and t-shirt.

The skin and shirt were designed by community artist Vickisigh and made available in May.

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said: “BCRF does critical work every single day to support women’s health and develop new research and strategies for preventing, treating, and curing breast cancer, and we’re proud to make this contribution to their efforts,

“I’m grateful to all of the Overwatch players around the world who made supporting such a good cause possible with their enthusiasm for the game and their generosity.”

Blizzard said it is the largest one-year corporate donation in BCRF’s history, and also included more than $130,000 raised by Overwatch livestreams held during the event.

This comes after a South Korean man who made around $180,000 from an Overwatch hack is facing 12 months in jail.

This comes under the country’s Industry Promotion Law, as well as the Information and Communication Technology Protection Law, reports PC Gamer.

It looks as though previous offences have landed offenders hefty fines, however the fact that this man made so much money off the back of the hack has led to the jail time aspect of this case.

Blizzard Korea last year said that it is “committed to creating a fair game environment for its players, and will continue to strive to maintain a fair environment”.

This comes after Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez was suspended from his team The Boston Uprising after allegations of sexual misconduct with a 14/15 year old emerged.

Here is what the team said on the matter:

The official Overwatch League Twitter also made this statement about the allegations:

“Earlier today the Overwatch League was made aware of the allegations against Jonathan “DreamKazper” Sanchez. He is suspended indefinitely while the league investigates this matter.”

A string of problems with the Overwatch League players have recently come to light. These include a player saying a racial slur and another player ‘flipping off’ the camera during a live broadcast.

DreamKazper is known as one of the best DPS players in the league and maybe even in the world. His rise to fame was very quick considering he was relatively unknown prior to the Overwatch League starting.

This is the tweet that brought the allegations to light:

The girl who the player was talking to said that he sent her “lewd images of himself” and received explicit pictures from her.

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