Parent Thinks Apex Legends Is ‘Turning Their Son Transgender’

Apex Legends has taken the gaming community by storm, amassing more than 25 million players in its first seven days of release.

The free-to-play battle royale game hasn’t impressed everyone though if Reddit is anything to by.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

A user shared a screenshot of a one-star review for the game, apparently written by the mother of an Apex player. The screenshot reads: “My son has been playing this game recently there is only one problem he keeps using the female characters. I think this game is turning my son transexual. I am not the only one in my Facebook group is [sic] having the same problem in this game and others.”

Now, let’s not spend too much time unpacking the ridiculousness of this and instead see how Reddit reacted.

Credit: Reddit

The majority of comments on the thread, which you can check out in full here, mostly present evidence to show that Apex‘s female characters are just better than its male offerings.

One user wrote: “Females have smaller hit boxes.”

Another simply said: “That’s because all the female characters are good.”

“I can relate. I play pathfinder and i’m turning into a transformer,” joked one user.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Over on Twitter, players are praising Respawn Entertainment for its portrayal of women in the game. There’s actually more playable female characters than male, something which is rarely – if ever – seen in the first person shooter genre.

Here’s hoping the parent who thinks the game is “turning her son” gets some perspective…


Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment