Parents Are Buying Their Kids Fortnite Dance Lessons

Fortnite is starting to grate now, and nothing seems to have p*ssed people off more than the recent trend of Fortnite dance classes.

That’s right, parents are forking out the cash to send their kids off to learn how to Emote in real life.

The learnable moves include flossing, the worm, the robot and more.

The classes, which are called Emote Royale, are available from David Lloyd sports centres in the UK and although they’re a bit (well, a lot) ridiculous, there’s actually some good intentions there.

The classes are getting kids moving instead of playing Fortnite, encouraging a bit of creativity and exercise, which really shouldn’t be a bad thing.

Twitter, however, has been very quick to judge the kids who are taking part and the parents paying for it.

“If my child ever asks me if they could join fortnite dance class they getting a free ass whooping,” wrote one user.

Another added “You know what, you mortals have done it now. The end of this planet has begun and it’s because you fools have literally created a dance class specifically for Fortnite dances. To all of my ascended beings, I’ll swing by to get you before I blow this planet up.”

One user joked: “Wtf, a fortnite dance class? Damn, I prefer Minecraft, where is the Minecraft crafting class?”

At least we hope that’s a joke…

If you’re interested in the classes then you can sign up as a part of the David Lloyd ‘DL Kids Program,’ a membership that starts at £55 per month (but that does include more than just Fortnite classes, ofc).

Check out some footage of the action in the BBC Radio Bristol tweet below.

Would you sign up to take part in some Fortnite dancing, or is this really and truly the end of days?