Payday 3: Here’s A First Look At Characters And New York Setting

In a recent livestream, developer Starbreeze revealed some new details about the upcoming Payday 3.

The livestream was a celebration of Payday’s 10th anniversary, with director Erik Wonnevi providing some updates on the new game. The third game in the series will feature all four original members of the gang, and is set to release in 2023.

Payday 3 is also taking a modern approach to heists. “Payday has transitioned into the digital age, with software giants, crypto currencies, mass surveillance and the Dark Web all playing a role in the gang’s new gadgets, challenges and opportunities.” says Starbreeze. Crypto currency is a particularly interesting one, considering it’s all digital. I’m curious to see how that will play out in the final game.

Starbreeze also teased other ways the game will play, saying “One game changer: the media is now covering the gang, their exploits… and who knows what might come from that…

YouTube video
Credit: Starbreeze

No gameplay was shown off in the livestream, but the team did show off some concept art. Two pieces of concept art shows the team pulling off a heist in downtown New York. I love that the art shows the before and after of the heist, it gives you a strong feeling of how chaotic the heists might get.

It also showed off some of the character designs for the upcoming game. Dallas, Houston, Wolf and Chains seem to be making a return. They each now have their own unique suits, rather than sporting the same re-coloured design in the previous game. Whether other heisters such as Clover or Duke will show up remains to be seen.

Check out the concept art below.

Starbreeze signed a publishing deal with Koch Media back in March, allowing Payday 3 to be fully financed. The studio had some troubles in recent years, so the guarantee of funding is reassuring.

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Featured Image Credit: Starbreeze