PC Building Simulator Lets You Build Your Perfect Rig…On Console

The Irregular Corporation surprised the world with the sudden release of PC Building Simulator, the game that lets your build your ideal PC whilst playing on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

PC Building Simulator, which launched on Steam earlier this year, has received huge praise across the board for its innovative design and gameplay, and now you can bring the fun to your consoles. Hooray!

Credit: The Irregular Corporation

Along with the game’s story mode there’s also a build mode, making this the ideal simulation for all you tech gurus out there.

The game’s official description reads as follows: “In PC Building Simulator you’re the ultimate PC builder: run your own PC repair workshop and take care of everything from simple diagnosis and upgrades, to creating bespoke, boutique creations that anyone would love to own.

Credit: The Irregular Corporation

“In story mode, you take over your Uncle Tim’s PC workshop after he mysteriously skips town. You’ll need to successfully repair and upgrade customers’ machines just to keep the lights on. Start small, then go big as you master some of the most technical elements of PC building, creating some seriously impressive machines in the process. 

“Builders are also given free rein to create artful, powerful or downright mean machines in the game’s Free Build mode. Using the most prestigious brands in the PC market: choose your case, build it out and pimp it big with LEDs and colour-coded cables – your work is your art, after all.”

Credit: The Irregular Corporation

Even more exciting is the game’s attention to detail, with over 1000 real-world computer parts from brands including NVIDIA and AMD.

PC Building Simulator also boasts “realistic BIOS and OS simulation, licensed 3DMark benchmarking and simulated overclocking.” If you’re into PC building – or want to learn about it – this is the game for you!

Check out the trailer below!

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: The Irregular Corporation