People Are Already Trying To Sell Their Apex Legends Accounts For Hundreds Of Dollars

Respawn Entertainment’s free-to-play battle royale, Apex Legends, has been out less than a month and already players are trying to profit from the game.

On eBay, a number of people are attempting to sell their accounts and they aren’t cheap to buy.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Prices start around the $100 dollar mark, rising up to more than $500 for buy-it-now accounts.

We’ve seen this happen with online games before, but it’s usually accounts that have rare weapons, skins or limited-edition loot. In the few weeks that Apex has been out, there really hasn’t been that much content to warrant such an expensive price tag…

Right now you can pick up this listing for “Apex Legends Acc w/ complete heirloom set – lvl 60 + founder pack + bf1,” for $500.

Credit: eBay/br_384476


Other Apex offerings on eBay right now also include this Heirloom Knife (“Offers Welcome”), listed at $300.

Credit: eBay/ryahanniga0


Most expensive of all is this level 100 Mirage account, which will set you back a tidy $600 – if no-one tries to outbid you, that is.

Credit: eBay/matus_hmftt

However, be aware that if you are purchasing one of these accounts, you might be making enemies with Respawn and EA, as selling account violates their terms of service.

Over on Twitter, some people are even trying to sell their Fortnite accounts – so they can afford better stuff for Apex Legends.

In the world of free-to-play, everyone’s trying to make money…


Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment