People Think They’ve Found Billy The Kid In Red Dead Online

One of the best things about Red Dead Online is just how much it has to offer, and with the game still being in beta, it’s definitely not going to be quitting anytime soon.

The latest mystery to be discovered in-game suggests that Rockstar Games may have modelled one of the characters on the infamous Billy the Kid.

Credit: Rockstar Games


Posting on the r/reddeadmysteries subreddit, a user by the name of EEhunter369 shared the following image with the title: “Is it just me or is Billy the Kid ‘The Boy’ in RDR Online?”

Credit: Reddit/Rockstar Games


The post, which you can read in full here, is getting a lot of attention from RDO players with lots of people throwing their two cents into the debate.

One Redditor commented: “Holy sh*t… I thought he looked familiar. I was in a posse when I ran across him, so I wasn’t able to talk to him though.”

Another added: “I thought it was super obvious. My family was crazy proud of their Outlaw heritage, so it might have been my upbringing. A lot of the missions he sends you on are reminiscent of the stories I’d hear about him.”

What do you think? Is this Rockstar’s nod to Billy the Kid, one of the most famous Old West gunslingers and outlaws of all time? Or is this just a big coincidence?

Knowing Rockstar, it’s unlikely to be the latter…

Credit: Rockstar Games


Speaking of outlaws, the game’s latest update showcases the benefits of having your own posse in RDO.

On Twitter, Rockstar shared the following post to spread awareness of moving through the game with buddies.

Credit: Rockstar Games


Have you been enjoying the latest RDO update?