PETA Has Called For Twitch To Ban Alinity After New Controversy

Twitch streamer Alinity is no stranger to controversy – especially when it comes to her pets, and the influencer might now be in serious trouble with animal rights charity, PETA.

The American organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has accused the streamer of animal cruelty, and has reportedly contacted Twitch to see her banned from the platform.

Credit: Alinity

ICYMI, earlier this year Alinity was heavily criticised after she streamed herself giving vodka to her cat. She was also seen throwing one of her pets in a stream that outraged the entire the world several times over.

At the time, PETA called for her channel to be banned, seemingly without success. Now it seems to be happening once again thanks to a now-viral clip of questionable behaviour, captured by Twitter’s TheMaxTheory (check out the thread here, and the video in question here).

The clip shows Alinity’s dog taking an interest in her lady parts, something which has raised eyebrows online but has been dismissed by the streamer herself.

Greekgodx banned
Credit: Twitch

PETA has issued yet another statement on Alinity and the accusations made against her, writing: “We are aware of the cruelty and have demanded Twitch take her off of the platform.”

Responding to the new drama, Alinity has dubbed the situation as “ridiculous.”

“People are like really mad about this. Like, people think I should be banned for that,” she said in a stream earlier this month. “I think it’s so ridiculous, like seriously guys, y’all have gone way too far.”

At the time of writing, Alinity’s channel is still up and running. Though Twitch has yet to take action against Alinity, some of those who are addressing the situation are being banned.

In a now-viral tweet, streamer Jon Grim tweeted: “hey guys I wont be streaming the next 7 days. I got banned for drawing @AlinityTwitch the lover of dogs and thrower of cats a silly picture. I totally deserve the ban and I’m even glad twitch took action, just wish @Twitch held everyone to the same rules. #stream

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Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Alinity