PewDiePie will Close his 63 million Subscriber Channel in 6 Months [Updated]

PewdDiePie closing YouTube channel?

This is coming from a source very close to PewDiePie, one of his editors. Brad, also known as Brad 2 edits many of PewDiePies videos and said this on Twitter.

If you are a PewDiePie watcher you may have noticed his slight lack of energy over the past week. This could be because he needs a break (probably the case, the guy works excessively hard on his YouTube channel.

However Brad stated in his tweet ‘Felix is bringing the PewDiePie channel to an official end within 6 months’. This might explain his small lack on enthusiasm which Felix usually has excess of.

Having said that this isn’t the first time PewDiePie said he was going to delete his channel. He said he was going to do it last year when he hit 50 million subscribers. This turned out to be a joke which people took too literally. However this doesn’t feel like it has the aura of a joke. This is more a serious tone and I think we can believe that it is actually happening this time.

The tweet in question also states that he will bring the PewDiePie channel to an end. This doesn’t mean he will stop making videos all together. He may even start a new channel and try to reach the heady heady heights of the top stop on YouTube again with a new channel.

Whatever the reason and whatever Felix decides to do next I will be watching and enjoying what he does. I wish him luck!

We assume Gloria Borger will still be on the PewDiePie channel with her weekly news updates.

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Brad has now tweeted out a link to an article about the whole situation surround the apparent shut down of the PewDiePie channel.

It seems that this was another joke from the PewDiePie team. However when it actually comes time for PewDiePie to close his channel no-one will actually believe him. The PewDiePie who cried ‘I’m closing my channel’, if you will.