PewDiePie Fans Are P*ssed After He Puts New Video Behind Paywall

You know PewDiePie? Currently the king of YouTube with the biggest number of subscribers in the whole world?

He’s provided years of free content for the masses thanks to the video platform, but his latest video has gotten fans pretty p*ssed off…because they can’t watch it.

Pewds took to YT to explain the situation with his latest video to his subscribers, stating: “Todays [sic] video is for sponsors only. Sorry, but it just sort of turned out this way.

“I haven’t been able to do a livestream due to my despacito copystrike and I didn’t want to leave the people who payed [sic] me empty handed.

“Sponsor or not, I appreciate you and there’ll be a video for everyone as normal tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, the statement left his subscribers in an absolute uproar.

One Twitter user wrote: “I’m truly f*cking disappointed in you. Nice job p*ssing off people who have been supporting you and being here for a long time.”

Another added: “Felix people are angry not because we have to pay content but because this came out of the blue and you did not give much warning.

“Next time if you have an idea just tell us and we say our opinion.”

However, some loyal Bro Army members are defending Pewds’ choices, with one comparing the situation to paying more for better service, like when travelling. Which is absolutely fair enough.

As more and more people weighed in the situation became more of a Patreon comparison.

It’s not uncommon for YouTubers to provide extra or special content for those who donate to their Patreons – how is this any different?

What are your thoughts, is Pewds right, or are the nine-year-olds correct this time?