PewDiePie Passes New YouTube Subscriber Milestone 

PewDiePie has had the biggest YouTube channel in the world for a few years now, and whether you love or hate his expensive chairs, meme reviews and lack of Let’s Plays, he’s undeniably changed the way YouTube works. 

Even though he’s already smashed pretty much every YouTube record ever, it looks like Pewds isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

His channel has just reached 65 million subscribers, which means he now officially has a following equal to the population of the world’s 22nd biggest country. 

That’s a helluva lot of bros… 

PewDiePie has come a long way from his initial YouTube videos. He’s arguably the one who started the success of Let’s Plays, and despite how much he seems to hate his earlier videos, the likes of Amnesia: The Dark DescentAoni and Happy Wheels remain some of his most popular series. 

He’s the first person to gain the title of YouTube celebrity, proving to the masses that YouTube is a viable way to make an income (or at least, it was a viable way to make an income, but that’s a different story.)

Despite his massive success, the YouTube celebrity hasn’t been without controversy over the years – from being accused of being a Nazi sympathiser to the whole Fiverr thing, Pewds has had a lot of hate in the industry. 

YouTube video

Clearly though, with enough followers to populate a decent-sized country, PDP is doing something right…even if (in his own words) his channel mostly caters to nine year olds… 

PewDiePie has strayed from his Let’s Play days, instead opting for things like Pew News and Meme Review, and although fans do miss his constant uploading of gameplay, no-one seems to miss the Sponsorship Eagle. 

His r/PewDiePieSubmissions Reddit page is always filled to the brim with fans hoping to give him some ‘original content’ for his channel.

Love him or hate him, Pewds isn’t going anywhere.