PewDiePie Reveals How Much He Thinks He Earns Per Day

Spoiler: it’s a lot.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

Whether you love or hate PewDiePie, you have to admit that he’s done a lot with his life. From the OG days of hating on barrels and talking sh*t about the kid on the back of the bike in Happy Wheels to now, where he’s the most subscribed-to content creator (and not business) on YouTube.

Pewds has had a tonne of partnerships, merch deals and more. He’s released songs, a book, a very expensive chair and he even co-founded TSUKI, a unisex clothing and home product company created and designed by Felix and his fiancée Marzia Bisognin.

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Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

But how much is he really worth? It’s a point that’s been speculated about for years, as PDP is generally recognised as one of the first people who really made a sustainable living from YouTube and content creation.

In a recent video, Pewds decided to Google himself, and of course the question of his earnings popped up.

Reading from a website that said he earns $3,400 USD/£2,600 GBP per hour, PewDiePie said: “I don’t know exactly how much I make per day but it doesn’t seem too far off which is pretty crazy when you think about it.”


Right now, the minimum wage for someone living in the UK (as Pewds currently does) is £7.83 an hour, which is just a teeny bit less than Pewds’ supposed earnings…

Credit: Instagram/pewdiepie

“Money is such an interesting topic for me because I obviously didn’t start YouTube to make money. A sad thing I’ve learned is how much people value money in a way or at least the idea of money,” Pewds went on to say.

“People look at money as something undoubtedly good, it couldn’t possibly be something negative to have money. You look at people who win the lottery and then having money fundamentally changes their whole life. Not just how they view life but how other people view them.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

“That’s a change in particular that I really want to protect and that’s the reason why, in a way, I try to live ‘modestly’. Obviously I don’t but in considering how much I make I try to live modestly because I want to just live a normal life, I don’t want the money to change my life. It’s great to have put it can also become a problem.”

He then checked on what the internet thinks his net worth is. When Google suggested $20 million, he said it’s “definitely” more than that.






Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

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