Pewds has now responded.

PewDiePie’s Song ‘Congratulations’ Copyright Claimed By Random Company

PewDiePie has been making very successful songs on his YouTube channel for a while now, and his latest foray into the music world, Congratulations, absolutely exploded on the platform.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news for Pewds, as it seems a company has now copyright claimed the video. Yikes.

Credit: Instagram/pewdiepie

A number of YouTube channels who showed or used the music received copyright claims, including FlareTV, the channel that shows the live subscriber count between PDP and T-Series.

Over on Twitter, a user named TheUglyCouple tweeted Pewds saying: “@pewdiepie i know you, more than likely, won’t see this but I’m taking a long shot. Me and my wife reacted to your recent song and got copyrighted by some company that you’re probably not a part of. If this is true, I find it ironic since you’re against the copyright system :(”

Credit: PewDiePie

The tweet did get noticed by Pewds, who responded saying: “some bozo pretended to be me and claimed the video. We are looking into it and should be resolved soon hopefully.”

The strike is the subject of the latest Drama Alert from Keemstar, though it just seems to get more and more confusing.

The source of the strike seems to be a company called Tunecore, which appears to have claimed the video due to its similarities to a song called ‘Buckwild,’ created by an artist named Pontus Pettersson in September 2017.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

In the Keemstar video, which you can watch below, a commenter named Verz claims to be Pontus Pettersson, saying: “Hey guys, please help me up this comment. I am the one who released buckwild 5 years ago, i am Pontus Pettersson.. i just want to clarify some stuff – im not the one who copyright claims other versions of this song. Its a FAKE Company who have uploaded my song without my permission. So sorry for this. I have requested a takedown, hopefully it goes through. Thanks for putting me on the news <3”

YouTube video

The confusing situation is, at the time of writing, yet to be resolved.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/pewdiepie