Incredibly Rare Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Console Is Up For Sale On eBay

When it comes to limited edition consoles, Sony is probably the best of the bunch. From Marvel’s Spider-Man to Kingdom Hearts 3, we’ve seen some glorious special and/or limited edition PS4s in the past year alone.

What’s possibly one of the rarest PlayStation consoles of all time has just popped up on eBay, but it’s going to cost you a serious amount of money.

Credit: eBay/region_free_gamez

eBay seller region_free_gamez is selling the incredibly rare Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice PS4 Pro, with a Buy It Now price of AU $79,999.99 (approximately $56,827.99 USD).

The wooden-looking console features raised details and an incredibly beautiful controller, and it might be one of the most unique PlayStation consoles ever created.

Credit: FromSoftware

PushSquare investigated the console and found the only way one could obtain one of them was through a European retailer known as Game Mania. Those who pre-ordered Sekiro from Game Mania got a free pair of chopsticks, and if you got gold ones then you’d win the PS4 Pro.

It looks as though a few other places were offering giveaways of the console for one lucky winner to snag.

Credit: FromSoftware

An Xbox One Sekiro console was also produced for giveaways, with apparently only 10 being created. It’s not known how many of the PS4 versions exist.

Credit: FromSoftware

If you were hoping to get yourself one of these gorgeous consoles, now might be your only chance…if you’ve got the funds that is!

Check out the eBay listing for the Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Limited Edition PS4 right here.





Featured Image Credit: Sony