Pillowheads: It’s Party Time Is A Colourful & Competitive Caper

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that nothing can bring your friends together like a great party game, and Pillowheads: It’s Party Time is possibly one of the best new competitive capers for the whole family to enjoy.

Credit: Gosu Interactive

A fresh new release, Pillowheads: It’s Party Time pits up to four players against each other across a series of competitive stages designed to bring out the best (and worst) in you. With its adorable craft-like style and its easy-to-grasp controls, Pillowheads will keep you coming back for more.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the joy of Pillowheads, which offers a small handful of game modes and maps to suit all tastes. My personal favourite was Confetti Clash, a game mode which sees you battle it out to stick the most confetti flakes onto your pencil before the timer runs down. Play tactically and push others off the map, but don’t topple off yourself!

Credit: Gosu Interactive

Other modes include Beachball, a Quidditch-inspired quest which sees players try to score goals through hoops off the ground, and the ever-classic Last Man Standing. Game modes are modifiable, meaning you can customise them to your choosing, offering much more playability than first meets the eye. Outside of the main Party Mode, there’s Custom Games, where you can set your own fixed rules and maps.

The main hook of Pillowheads is that if you do “die” or fall off the map, you can claw your way back into battle as you return as items including a toy-machine grabber or water balloon, allowing you to target your competitors directly and get back into play as soon as possible.

Credit: Gosu Interactive

Available on Steam, Pillowheads: It’s Party Time offers split screen co-op, along with split screen PvP, though you can also play single player (which is admittedly a little less fun).

Check it out in action below, and add it to your library on Steam!

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Featured Image Credit: Gosu Interactive