‘Plague Inc’ Will Include Anti-Vaxxers As A Buff In The Game Following Petition

Thousands of people recently signed an online petition to include anti-vaxxers in the popular PC Game Plague Inc. Well, now the game has responded and said that they will include them.

Creator of Plague Inc., James Vaughan , told Eurogamer: “It’s great to see so many people sticking up for science!

“We’re currently working out how Anti-Vaxxers will work in the game – we have a few ideas that we’re trying out and running them through our algorithms. (The biggest challenge is that if everyone in Plague Inc.’s global simulation suddenly stopped getting vaccinated then it would be a very easy game to win!)

“On a side note, it’s amazing that six years after the game was released there is still such a huge and passionate community for Plague Inc. It means a lot to us and it makes it a lot of fun to keep working on new updates!”

In case you’re not familiar with the concept, Plague Inc. is pretty much your average tycoon game, except instead of running a theme park or hospital, you have to kill off the human race with a plague.

In the Change.org petition, gamer Eduard Gabrian proposed that anti-vaxxers should be part of the game – more specifically as a buff. Basically, to help spread disease. Makes sense.

Thousands of people signed the petition, and it gained more popularity ever since it went on Reddit. The description of the petition reads: “Anti Vaxxers are stupid.”

You can sign the petition here. Although there’s no point really… it’s happening.

In similar news, one anti-vaxxer is particularly p*ssed off about the Spider-Man game.

Insomniac Games and Marvel released one of the best games of 2018 in the PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man. The game jumped to being one of the most popular and best-selling titles of the year, but it seems not everyone was impressed.

A post from an anti-vaxxer has been doing the rounds on Reddit, and it appears to show a person who’s incredibly angry about one part of the game in particular.

Credit: Marvel/Sony

The image, which has been posted multiple times across the platform making it hard to trace, has become something of a meme. It reads: “Brainwashing our kids!!!! This is Marvel Spiderman for PS4 video game. Can you see what this says?!! It’s telling Spiderman to disperse vaccines in the water supply!”

It’s not known whether or not the post is real or just memes, but it’s blown up on Reddit.

“Antivaxxers can be found all over our flat earth though,” joked one Redditor. 

On another thread a user wrote: “I lost my brain cells the instant I clicked this subreddit and I don’t know how to leave.”

Unsurprisingly, Marvel, Sony and Insomniac haven’t reacted to the post.

Credit: Marvel/Sony

There doesn’t seem to be any other people in any dark corners of the internet that share the sentiment echoed in the FB post (that I could find, at least). Over on Twitter, no-one else seems irate about this particular Spider-Man mission, so we’ll have to see how the story develops (if it does).

Credit: Insomniac Games

Somehow, I don’t think this is going to stop people buying, playing and adoring Sony’s Spider-Man…

Let us know your opinion!

Featured image credit: Plague Inc