"Six seasons and a movie!”

Play A Free Paintball FPS Based On ‘Community’ TV Series

Fans of the hit TV sitcom Community have created an FPS (first-person shooter) that pays tribute to the show’s paintball episodes.

steam community game
Credit: Moto Studios

As highlighted by Polygon, Six Seasons And A Game is a free fan game that is available on steam and contains numerous references to the show. The game takes place in Greendale Community College and has a large number of positive reviews so far. 

The volunteer-created fan game’s Alpha release was announced via Twitter, alongside a short gameplay video:

The game’s name is derived from a famous quote from the show, in which while pretending to be the main character from NBC’s “The Cape”, Abed yells “Six seasons and a movie” in response to Jeff, who says the show will only last 3 weeks.

This quote was also adopted when the show was at risk of being cancelled, as NBC dropped the show after season five. Luckily, the show was picked up for a sixth season by Yahoo! Screen, which ultimately ended up being the end of Community (at least the quote is now accurate). 

community game
Credit: Moto Studios

In an article for Kotaku, writer Zack Zwiezen stated that he was able to find “full servers and matches regularly”, but had the following comments to make in regards to the gameplay:

“The actual gameplay is a bit stiff and unresponsive, but it’s fun enough for an hour or two. It’s also hard to be too critical considering the game is entirely free and is being made by a small team of developers who describe themselves as ‘volunteers with limited experience’ and they warned players might encounter bugs or other problems.”

YouTube video

It’s amazing what fans can create out of their love for movie or TV show. With over 300 positive reviews on Steam, it’s clear that this game isn’t just mere fan service. Will you be playing the Community paintball FPS?

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Featured Image Credit: Moto Studios