Player Mods A Working NES Emulator Into Minecraft

When it comes to Minecraft pretty much anything is possible. Whether you want to recreate a Bob Ross painting, make Tom Holland’s face or even if you want to create a game within in a game, it’s possible with the Mojang classic.

The latter of those dreams seems pretty difficult to achieve, but a Reddit user and Minecraft fan by the name of DeltaTwoForce has actually managed to achieve the impossible and added a working NES emulator into the game.

Credit: Reddit//DeltaTwoForce

Sharing the victory to Reddit, DeltaTwoForce writes: “I added a NES-Emulator to Minecraft! It’s open source and you can actually use it.”

Check out the Reddit post here, or have a gander at the in-game emulator below!

I added a NES-Emulator to Minecraft! It's open source and you can actually use it.

If you want to give the NES emulator mod a whirl, DeltaTwoForce writes on Reddit: “I commented a link to the GitHub page, you can download it from there and install it as a forge mod. Then you need to add roms to /.minecraft/roms/nes/ and there you go! It’s really simple.”

In other Minecraft news, a gamer going by the name Steve From Minecraft has taken to to appeal for language-learning app Duolingo to include the game’s Enchantment Table language.

Credit: Mojang

Steve From Minecraft writes: “There are already 2 fictional languages you can learn on Duolingo. So why not add another one, the superior one?

“For example: this way we can all make memes without the normies knowing what it says. By adding the enchantment table language Duolingo would get more attention by the superior memers of the world. I hope this gets attention and the language will be added, if this doesn’t happen Shrek will become very angry!!”

Credit: Mojang

At the time of writing, the petition has amassed over 11,000 signatures in support of the endeavour. Hopefully if it continues then Shrek won’t have to get angry…

Featured Image Credit: Reddit//DeltaTwoForce